04 June 2015

Movie Review: Triple Crossed

TLA releasing movies can be hit or miss especially when it has a psychological thriller component made in the USA. Nevertheless, Triple Crossed surprised. The narrative wasn't too complex and the actors did a decent job -- at least the two main male actors. The surprise at the end bumped this up from a two to a three. In short: Chris returns from combat duty in the Middle East. He is hired by a platoonmate's sister to kill his platoonmate's lover -- who has inherited his platoonmate's share in the family business. But then he falls in love -- or so it seems.

At the beginning it did a good job demonstrating/portraying the problems of combat veterans suffering from PTSD and unable to adjust back into civilian life. Unfortunately, after a scene with erotic massage as a way to calming anxiety, the whole theme is dropped.

I'd put this on the same level as watching an episode of the television program Law and Order. The ending was surprising and I'm glad that got dropped in because otherwise I wouldn't have written a review at all.

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