27 October 2015

Movie: Love or Whatever

This was another movie that I'm not entirely clear how I ended up watching it. I don't recall even reading a blurb about. However, it's just a simple romantic comedy that you'd see on late night weekend cable television, if the protagonist was heterosexual. Maybe they shows these types of movies on television these days?

Corey is a counselor or clinical psychologist -- either way the writing for this aspect of the character was horrible -- who is apparently "successful" and believes he has a bright future with his "boyfriend." He intends to propose to his boyfriend on their date night. His boyfriend freaks out and goes to a bar, picks up a woman and has sex with her. The boyfriend then breaks up with Corey who starts to show he has an intense need for control. The movie works nevertheless. It's light-hearted but has an understanding and studies a particular archetypal theme in modern (gay) relationships.

(David Page as Corey's flexisexual boyfriend) 

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