29 October 2015

Movie Review: Arizona Sky

The story was really good so the flaws could be overlooked especially since the writer, producer and director are all the same person. The plot is fairly straight forward. Kyle and Jake are best friends and like boyfriends really in Lake Havasu, Arizona where man-to-man relationships are frowned upon. Jake is moving with his father to urban California and they say there sad goodbyes. The movie fast forwards fifteen years where Jake is a movie producer whose life is full of stress and lacks love. He has something of a meltdown with flashbacks to his relationship with Kyle. Jake puts a pause on his life and returns to rural Arizona to find Kyle. (Spoiler alert, avert your eyes now.)

For someone that is fascinated by unrequited love stories, it seemed something far-fetched that two people could live their lives for fifteen years and have something missing in their life that is only found upon making contact again. I don't think I'm outside the norm when I say that it seems that fifteen years just seems to be too long a period for people to just pick up where they left off -- especially if that 15 years ago is at the age of 16, 17 or 18. I can see someone being separated from someone for 15 years but I can't imagine that separation to include no further contact for those 15 years. I'm impatient but I think there's something that requires living in a feudal context where information doesn't travel or travels so slowly.

Anyways, regardless of that, I still think its a great, made for TV type movie that would have been made decades ago in a less homophobic reality.

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