25 October 2015

Movie Review: Salvation Army

I'm not exactly sure how I ended up seeing this movie. The blurb that I had read that got me to order the film had indicated that a young man got out of his provincial backwater to go to college but finds his "freedom" to be more than he expected. That may have summarized two of the last five minutes of the movie -- of course, I guess the title refers to the last three minutes of movie anyways.

The bulk of the movie is a slow moving picture of a young man transitioning from child to man in provincial Morocco. He could have easily been a Pacific Islander or mountain tribe Southeast Asian -- although the customs may have been slightly different. He has sex with everyone and has an idol worship thing with his older brother that straddles incestuous. There's a lot of violence within the family household and a clear depiction of gender hierarchies. The movie is entirely based upon the directors previously published autobiographical novel.

(Abdellah Taïa playing himself in the streets of Geneva)

The novel caused something a stir in conservative Morocco although the movie, it is claimed, was widely watched. Only the very last part deals with him at the college/adult age in Geneva.

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