19 October 2015

Movie Review: Urbania

I recall when this movie came out the first time, it was marketed as a movie about "urban legends." I had no idea that the central character was gay or that the underlying story was gay tragedy and redemption. The story centers around Charlie, played by Dan Futterman, navigating through the city encountering experiences and stories of urban legends. His existence seems to be random at first but slowly a meta-narrative takes shape out of the chaos. Charlie is or was in a relationship with Chris. He is now looking for a neighborhood tambay that he has seen throughout the film in various scenes. And it is the story of Charlie, Chris and this tambay for which the entire story is told. Told 15 years ago, violence against same-sex couples in the urban America seem to be a historical footnote. Yet, 15 years ago, such violence was still a central aspect of "gay" life in urban America.

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