10 November 2015

Movie Review: Blackbird

This is a very interesting movie about the struggle of being gay and Christian in a rural Mississippi town. But it could have been the story of anyone who is gay and super Christian and the struggle to reconcile the two in a homophobic world. I thought it was artfully done. Randy is a young gay man who is devoutly Christian and in a painful struggle about his overwhelming gay feelings -- the more he represses the more they come out.

His mother, played by Mo'Nique, has just about gone mad with the loss of his younger sister. The father, played by Isaiah Washington, lives somewhere else and has a distant relationship with Randy. Randy struggles through his identity when his friends who constitute the theater club decide to stage Romeo and Juliet for their senior play, but the football jock that Randy has a secret crush on and the jock's girlfriend, suggest that Juliet be played by another guy -- namely, Randy. Randy also explores another part of his town which is not predominantly Black. Did I mention he as a gay best friend? Overall, the movie is full of sadness as life struggles against death and meaninglessness and for someone who left a provincial backwater for an urban life, it invoke memories of a life once lived. The last prophetic scene was quite touching.

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