08 November 2015

Movie Review: Burning Blue

This movie is a fascinating twist on the US military's failed "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy which really should have been called "Hide And Seek" policy. Two navy pilots who are best friends, Dan and Will are hoping to be the youngest pilots accepted into the space program. There are two accidents, however, due to Will's failing eyesight. NCIS begins to investigate. At the same time, another navy pilot, Matt enters the picture. Matt and Dan fall in love and that causes some drama in the Dan and Will friendship. Eventually Matt decides to leave his wife for Dan which sets the stage for the drama.

I don't want to spoil the ending but I have to say that the way the matter resolves, I find hard to believe -- as someone who read e-mail after e-mail alert twenty and more years ago about the Pentagon's disregard for the "Don't Ask" part of the policy.

The production itself was pretty good so for the exception of some problems with the storyline, my attention was kept -- another great made for TV, dramatized some of the historical reality of the background.

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