02 November 2015

Movie Review: Myra Breckinridge

I'm embarrassed that I never read Gore Vidal's novel of the same title or had I seen this movie that was spawn from it. Short synopsis. Myron begins Myra at the beginning of the movie. Myra is on a man-hating quest. She goes to Los Angeles to join the "talent" academy of Myron's uncle, Buck Loner. The whole movie is a biting look at the patriarchy in Hollywood of the 1960s and how Myra intends to reverse that as female domination. Surprising for a movie released in 1970, we watch Myra rape one of her students, young "stud" Rusty Godawski, with a strap-on dildo. I loved Mae West's performance as the randy, aged female talent scout Letitia Van Allen. I'm sorry only sorry I hadn't seen this before now and I hope they don't revoke my tenure for such an omission. It's a great study in gender norms and patriarchy and definitely worth the watch.

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