24 November 2015

Movie Review: No Night is Too Long

This was a well written movie. I'm surprised I had never heard of it. It's like a gay Hitchcock film. In short, Tim is a promiscuous gay college student who ends up hooking up with a lecturer from another college named Ivo. They enter into some kind of relationship and in his senior year, Ivo admits to Tim that he's in love with him. Tim then cheats on Ivo at some point and then tells Ivo who hits him. Ivo lectures on a boat cruises in Alaska during the summer and Tim pressures Ivo to take him along.

As Tim prepares to meet up with Ivo for the cruise, he is marooned in some remote hotel and meets a woman named Isabel with whom he sleeps. He falls in love with Isabel. Anyways, Tim joins Ivo's boat cruise but gives him the cold shoulder and refuses physical intimacy with Ivo. Tim tells him that he doesn't love Ivo and regrets coming along. At some point Ivo breaks open the door to Tim's cabin and rapes him. Then, the passengers on the cruise take a day tour on little boats to a remote and uninhabited island. The passengers are given free time to explore while Tim and Ivo argue in a secluded rocky cliff area. Tim discloses that he met Isabel and is in love with her and the only reason why he continued with the plan to join the boat cruise was so that he could get to the end destination and take a plane to find Isabel. Ivo goes ballistic with that news, a struggle ensues, Ivo is knocked against a jagged edge of the cliff. Tim leaves him for dead, joins the last little boat back to the cruise boat and hides Ivo's safety vest, etc.,. I'll leave the ending for your own enjoyment in watching the film but you'll be shocked, a number of times.

If Hitchcock were alive in 2002, he might have just made this film. It was a surprise in that it was a suspense film that avoided some of the pitfalls of coming out narratives or similar. The gay theme was subtle. It's study of human nature and emotions was convincing all the way to the end.

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