12 November 2015

Movie Review: Tiger Orange

The concept of this movie is very interesting. Two brothers who are both gay articulate their identity in almost opposite ways due to their age order and their relationship to their father who raises them. The younger brother, Todd, leaves their rural town after high school and goes from job to job and lover to lover in puerile, creative-chaos fashion. The older brother, Chet, remained in their town after high school and took over the family hardware store after the father's death. He is a pillar of the community. Todd's return home destablizes Chet's life which gets even more complicated when his high school crush, Brandon, returns to town to take care of Brandon's ailing mother, which gets even more complicated when Todd begins to actively pursue Brandon.

The production values are excellent and the script was right on. I'd definitely watch this for date night or just for its own enjoyment.

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