22 November 2015

Movie Review: Wild Horses

I didn't hear about this movie at all. In fact, I'm still not sure how it ended up in my queue to watch. I mean, James Franco is ... well ... James Franco. But I still don't recall anything about this movie before I put it in the DVD player.

Anyways, this is a gay movie. James Franco plays a gay guy and the whole movie is about his relationship with his father set in borderland Texas. Gay is not the only theme in this movie. It has lots of relevant social and emotional themes that weave themselves around the the conflict between James Fraco and Robert Duvall. Has all the interesting aspects: murder, shame, reputation, guns, drug runners, dirty cops, everything. It's definitely an interesting character study about regrets in life and what could have been set in pastoral southern Texas. Definitely a nice cuddle up date night type movie. Oh and did I mention, James Franco is in it? Loved the bar brawl scene the most.

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