02 December 2015

Movie Review: Boulevard

In my own thought processes, I harbor romantic notions surrounding the midlife coming out drama. This movie does not disappoint. It is fortunate that Nolan Mack (played by Robin Williams in his last on-screen performance) does not have children and so the damage that is done in a debilitating cruelty that Nolan and his wife have done to each other for decades and that they didn't drag a bunch of other souls into the depths.

Nolan Mack is a middle aged loan officer at an American mid-West bank. He is married to Joy who is some kind of scholar/writer/academic and hausfrau. He goes about his highly habitual life -- lacking in spontaneity or joy. One night he takes a different street home after running an errand to the store and he ends up going to hooker/hustler lane. He practically runs over a young hustler who ends up "getting in." From there, he has made contact with the dark, repressed depths of his unconscious and from there spontaneity, feeling and everything else he's bottled up for 40 years comes roaring into his life breaking everything in its way.

There was an additional feeling layer woven into the story by the knowledge that Robin Williams suffered from depression and had killed himself. It threw the feeling part of the story into deeper relief that the character will be redeemed but the one playing the character not. A story of redemption is outlined by the truth of tragedy.

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