24 August 2016

Movie Review: Eastern Boys

This is the story of Marek (pictured above) and Daniel (back to camera). Marek is a Ukrainian undocumented migrant to Paris and Daniel is a 50 something businessman. Marek is part of Eastern European gang that hangs out at Paris' North Gate train station. Daniel cruises Marek and they agree to meet at Daniel's apartment the following evening.

The following evening, after Daniel buzzes up Marek, a 14 year old Middle Eastern boy appears and pushes his way in asking him how he could try to pick up at 14 year old. Then, the entire Eastern European gang shows up in Daniel's apartment. They take over the apartment and eventually steal all of his belongings.

Daniel eventually recovers. And then Marek appears one day at Daniel's apartment wondering if he is still interested in having sex. You can watch the slow details of this movie but eventual Marek and Daniel become close and Daniel helps Marek disentangle his life from the gang -- with the leader holding his passport.

It involves inter-generational relations so the ending was a little peculiar.

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