30 August 2016

Movie Review: Hot Guys with Guns

I think B-movie is a pejorative term but honestly, gay cinema lacks a corpus of B-movies that could fill a marathon of B-movies on a gay cable television network, late at night. This would make a B-movie par excellence. And because of the dearth of B movies in gay cinema, it makes this movie unique and the slow pace forgivable.

Danny is a struggling writer/waiter. He's still sort of in love with his rich wife ex-boyfriend Pip who has racist, overbearing, Valium popping mother. Pip is victimized at a gay sex party. There have been a string of victimizations at gay sex parties lately but the closeted, Hollywood-important gay guys are more willing to have their watches, jewelry, etc., taken and maintain their privacy than to recover the stolen items and reveal their gay identity to the police and possibly the public.

Pip, however, is openly gay. But because the others at the party are not, he asks Danny to help investigate. Danny has been taking a private investigator class to prepare him for something he is in the process of writing.

Anyways, the movie is more about the interaction between Danny and Pip than anything else. The movie goes a little long and some of the humor seems a little abstract, but like I said, it's worth watching.

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