01 September 2016

Movie Review: Holding the Man

This is a film adaptation of the late LGBT activist and writer Timothy Conigrave's book, Holding the Man. Published shortly after Conigrave's AIDS related death, he was awarded the United Nations Human Rights Award for Non-Fiction in 1995.

The movie is the story of how Timothy Conigrave fell in love with the captain of the rugby team, John Caleo -- in 1976 Australia. It was somewhat extraordinary how lovey dovey and carefree they demonstrated their affection in school. However, John's parents were totally against the whole thing and threatened Timothy and his family with legal action. John's parents also wanted to take John to a psychologist. So there is tension. In 1985, the two discover that they are both HIV positive.

It was a provocative and touching movie that tied together the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic, adolescent love, fate and heteronormative-style life partnerships.

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