01 December 2016

Movie Review: Before You Know It

In the world where same-sex marriage is coming to a country near you, it is easy to forget that the views of people within the same generation are not so easily colonized. Before You Know It tells the story of three gay men who are elderly. It is the story of Dennis, who is a widower and exploring his transgenderness, that is the most interesting to me. He struggles with loneliness while he explores aspects of his transgenderism. His story is in contrast to Ty and Robert -- the other two subjects of the documentary. Ty and Robert have a community while Dennis is looking for one. And the story of this documentary is the story of growing old and what that means in the context of one's history and one's present.

And it is the traces of their stories which come from the other side of the same-sex marriage curtain that will haunt all LGBTs who come of age on this side of the curtain.

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