15 December 2016

Movie Review: The Skinny

The Skinny is a great story about Black middle-class LGBT social life. The protagonist of this story is Magnus. He is in a relationship with Ryan. They have pledged to be together for six months before having sex. The story takes place during the weekend of gay pride in New York. Magnus' friends come and visit him. There are several threads in this story that include a drug induced rape of one friend. We also learn that Ryan is sleeping around with everyone while Magnus is being celibate. It's an interesting story and worth watching.

The one thing that I found troubling is the "morning after" pill (series) for HIV exposure. Pre-exposure and post-exposure prophylaxis for HIV exposure is available and in the context of being raped, it sounds like a good idea. However, the use of these medicines is apparently widely used by people that simply don't want to use condoms -- in the countries where these medicines are readily available. But let me tell you why nobody should be taking these as an alternative to wearing condoms. First, HIV is not the only thing that can be contracted that may not be curable. Second, the use of prophylaxis in this way allows genetic mutations to advance more quickly so that that it is possible that at some near future point, there may be no effective treatment for mutated types of HIV.

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