04 January 2017

Book Review: Contesting Feminisms

This book was edited by American Women Studies Professor Huma Ahmed-Ghosh of San Diego State University.

I don't generally refer to academic feminist works as a "page turners" but I'd have to say that the authors of this volume do an excellent job of covering a mind expanding range of issue of gender in both Islam majority and Islam minority societies.

I was struck most by the tension of the standardization of Islam in particular locales and the globalization of Western concepts of feminism and how local cultures across the world deal with these tensions. In some places, these tensions remind me of traditional authority and homosexuality and how the local articulations of these issues draw in global ideas, images and themes.

The version I read was a 292 page paperback published by SUNY Press (September 8, 2015). There are few cheap used copies, the cheapest on amazon.com and abebooks.com.

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